Mehwish Hayat says Pervez Musharraf deserves the opportunity to be heard

In a recent turn of events, popular actor, social media activist and Tamgha-e-Imtiaz recipient shared her views on Pervez Musharraf on Twitter while addressing his declining health.

She added a picture of the former president in the hospital, claiming that he deserves to be heard. Hayat said, “Let’s put politics aside for one moment. This man was our President & guided us through some very difficult time,” possibly addressing his policies against terrorism during America’s war on terror.

The country also saw a process of social liberalism under Musharraf’s ‘Enlightened moderation program’, while promoting economic liberalization.

“Like him or loathe him, he deserves the opportunity to be heard,” continued Hayat, further hinting at the possible ‘ignorance’ of people towards his health regardless of his ‘services’ to the country.

She further continued, “At least we can grant him that dignity. After all, does the law not say ‘Innocent till proven guilty’?” She questioned boldly.

Her tweet was followed by a series of mixed reviews, especially on her last statement, because it seems that users had not forgotten the time his government was accused of human rights abuses. Nor had they forgotten when he was declared an “absconder” by Pakistan’s anti-terrorism court in a verdict of Benazir Bhutto murder case.

Following this, she added another tweet in the same thread.

“Nobody is above the law, all I am saying is give him a chance to be heard at least. Guilty or otherwise, is the decision of the courts,” stated Hayat.

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