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30m families in Punjab to get health cards by year end

LAHORE   –  The Punjab government will provide health facili-ties to more than 30 million families under the Insaf Sehat Sahulat programme by the end of the current year.

The Punjab Health Department sources told mediamen on Sat-urday that the provincial government had already ac-corded approval for provision of healthcare facilities to all dwellers of the Paki-stan’s largest province. 

Under the programme every citizen would be able to avail health facility up to Rs 700,000.

According to the official sources, the Punjab Health Initiative Management Company (HIMC) has been mandated by the Specialised Healthcare and Medical Education Depart-ment (SH&ME) for execution and implementation of the Sehat Sahulat Programme on its behalf.

The programmes objective is to improve access of the un-derprivileged population to good quality medical ser-vices, through a micro health insurance scheme.

Under the programme, benefi-ciaries would be provided with a health insurance card and two distinct packages would be given to the citi-zens.

The first package will pro-vide secondary care coverage for hospitalisation up to Rs 60,000 per family per year as well as coverage for 8 prior-ity diseases up to Rs 300,000 per family per year.

The sources said that entire hospitalization would be cov-ered except for exclusions agreed upon with the insur-ance company.

After enrollment under the scheme, the beneficiary would be eligible to go to any em-paneled hospital across the country.

He said that the services would be given to all members of the family without any re-striction on number of family members.

A special feature of the pro-gramme is that pre-existing diseases would also be cov-ered and coverage on yearly basis would be provided to all age groups. Both public and private healthcare facil-ities, provisionally licensed by Punjab Healthcare Commis-sion are entitled for empan-elment in the scheme.

The programme would cover one-day pre- and five-day post-hospitalisation expenses including medicines.

The sources said that trans-portation cost equal to Rs 1,000 per trip for three trips per year is also pro-vided.

The provincial cabinet has already granted approval for provision of Sehat Sahulat Cards to the entire popula-tion living in the province. The health coverage to the deserving families is divided in two categories: major and secondary diseases. Major re-fers to serious illness with up to Rs 600,000 limit, such as cardiac, liver, kidney, hepatitis diabetes; and sec-ondary refers to relatively minor ailments with up to Rs 120,000 expenses of hospital-isation.

The provincial government had issued Sehat Insaf Cards to more than 5.1 million fami-lies in the first phase of the programme.

The health cards would be is-sued to the government em-ployees, journalists, educa-tors, students of seminaries and others in the next phas-es, the sources said.

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