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5 more Covid-19 vaccination centres added in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD   –  City health authorities on Monday added five more centres to increase the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination strength in rural areas of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT).

Earlier, 15 centres were set up for the vaccination of the residents of ICT. The addition of five more centres will increase the strength of vaccination centres to 20 in the federal territory.

Details available with The Nation said five more centres have been made active in rural areas to facilitate the population.

The five new centres included Community Health Centre (CHC) Shah Allah Ditta, Basic Health Unit (BHU) Jhagiote, BHU Rawat, Humak Dispensary and BHU Bhukkar. The District Health Officer (DHO) announcing the functioning of five more vaccination centres said that setting up a new centre will provide the vaccination at the door steps in rural areas.

He also said that the positivity ratio has decreased to 7.78% which was 9.24% in the previous week. The DHO urged the citizens to follow COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures.

Previous 15 centres active for COVID-19 vaccination in the city included Akbar Niazi Teaching Hospital, CDA Hospital, CDA Medical Centre, Federal General Hospital, IHITC, Kulsoom International Hospital, Maroof International Hospital, NIRM, PIMS, Polyclinic hospital, Quaid-i-Azam International Hospital, Rural Health Centre (RHC) Barakahu, RHC Sihala, RHC Tarlai and Social Security Hospital.

According to the data available, around 200,000 people of the city have been vaccinated in 15 designated vaccination centres of the city.

Akbar Niazi Teaching Hospital vaccinated 37% registered people, CDA Hospital 74%, CDA Medical Centre 94%, Federal General Hospital  69%, IHITC 43%, NIRM 0%, PIMS 57%, Polyclinic hospital 74%, Quaid-i-Azam International Hospital 68%, Rural Health Centre (RHC) Barakahu 85%, RHC Sihala 66%, RHC Tarlai 83%and Social Security Hospital 66%.

Information released by the National Command and Operations Centre (NCOC) said that total number of active cases of COVID-19 in the ICT is 2,816 while 78,200 people have recovered in the city.

The data said that the death toll of the federal capital has reached 715 including seven who lost lives in the previous 24 hours. The ministry of health situation report said that 408 COVID-19 positive patients are admitted in different hospitals of the city out of which 25 are stable. It said that 48 patients are on ventilators, 185 on high flow oxygen and 150 on low flow oxygen.

The data also said that 10,338 patients in the ICT are home or elsewhere quarantined. The situation reports also said that Islamabad hospitals have 295 ventilators out of which 128 are allocated for COVID-19 patients and 80 are still vacant.

The number of oxygen beds in Islamabad is 3,451 while the allocated for COVID-19 are 909 out of which 335 are occupied. Also, 150 COVID-19 patients are on low flow beds and 185 on high flow beds.

Details also said that 1,452 healthcare workers including doctors, nurses and others were infected with COVID-19 so far while 92 of them are at home isolation. Spokesperson Ministry of National Health Services Sajid Hussain Shah said that the government is utilising its full strength to vaccinate a maximum number of people.

He said that the capacity in provision of vaccines has been enhanced while infrastructure is also being expanded to vaccinate a maximum number of people.


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