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Mysterious ‘Havana Syndrome’ Continues to Baffles Experts


More than 30 Americans and Canadians in Cuba have reported brain injuries that may be the result of an attack with an unknown device.

Last week another Canadian diplomat stationed in Cuba reported a mysterious concussion-like illness. This brings to 13 the total number of Canadian diplomats or family members affected by “unusual health symptoms.”

More than 20 American diplomats and dependents have also been affected over the past two years.

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Most were stationed in Cuba, leading some to call this the “Havana syndrome.” One American government official, though, reported falling ill while in Guangzhou, China.

The cause of the illnesses is not clear, but the CBC reports that both the U.S. and Canadian governments believe that diplomats were attacked by unknown technology.

Doctors at universities in the U.S. and Canada continue to investigate these cases in an attempt to determine what’s behind the symptoms and how best to treat the people affected.

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