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Interesting facts about human being


A human body is the best subject of studies and experiments. Throughout the history many interesting facts have been discovered. There would be many aspects of human beings to be fascinating, from kindness and compassion to the simple structure of an eye.

Here are 8 unexpected facts about human being.

A toothache and a headache are linked together

A trigeminal nerve that goes through your jaw to your head creates a link between toothache and headache and causes these 2 pains usually go hand in hand.

The human brain can be more active during sleep



According to findings, our brains are busier when asleep than when awake.

Our brains can’t feel pain but they take up a quarter of the body’s oxygen



Our brain, as powerful as it is, possesses no nerve endings that would register pain or damage to it. However, for it to function, it takes up to 25% of all the oxygen your body gets.

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The nail on your middle finger grows faster than your other nails

-File Photo

It is shocking but absolutely true that your middle fingernail grows the fastest.

The female heart beats faster

According to the research of Canadian scientists, the female heart runs faster at about 1.7-2.3 hours ahead of the male heart.

The acid in your stomach can melt down metal

Interesting facts about human being 1

Can you imagine if you were carrying around a pouch of extremely powerful acid at all times? Well, you are! We’d never suggest trying this on your own stomach but just know this: it can dissolve metal over time.

Food affects our hearing

Ever tried to ask anybody to do anything after a good lunch? Well, if they didn’t do it, it wasn’t out of spite. That’s because after a heavy meal, our hearing (as well as our energy level) worsens.

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