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9pc raise in new students enrolment witnessed  in seminaries 

ISLAMABAD   –  The religious seminaries have witnessed an increase of 9 percent in the registration of new students across the country.

According to the official data released by Wifaq-ul-Madarris Arabia Pakistan, a 0.5 million students are already enrolled with Wifaq-ul-Madarris and the number is likely to increase in the coming year with a huge ratio. Talking to The Nation Mufti Khalid Sharif said that the trust of people over the religious seminaries was increasing with every passing days and this was the reason that the number of enrolled students was increasing with every passing year.

Mufti Khalid Sharif said that education standard of the religious seminaries was increased and now the institutions were providing the students best education which was one of the reasons of increase in number if students.

Mufti Awais another official of Wifaq-ul-Madarris told The Nation that majority of Madarris across the country were charging no fees while some were charging very low fees for same standard of education provided in government or private schools which was the reason that number of students was increasing with every passing year.

Mufti Awais said that Madarris were providing both the religious education and scientific education to the students, which was a kind of revolution in the education system of religious seminaries.

It must be noted that Wifaq-ul-Madarris’ recent exams were held across the country with following of all precautionary measures and over 0.3 million students took part in the exams for which more than 2300 examination halls were established.

According to the official statement of Wifaq-ul-Madarris, in order to make the exams transparent and ensure implementation of SOPs in the examination halls a total of 16081 teachers were given responsibilities.

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