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AIDS, cancer, organ transplant patients get Pfizer shot in Punjab

Punjab has started administering Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine to people suffering from chronic illnesses.

According to health officials, the American vaccine is being administered to AIDS, cancer, and organ transplant patients.

Sources said the specialised health department has distributed the Pfizer vaccine. The Shaukat Khanum hospital has been given 7,000 doses and the Pakistan Kidney and Liver Transplant (PKLI) 8,000 doses, they added.

The Allied Hospital Faisalabad has been provided 2,800 shots, the Holy Family Hospital 1,500, and the Nishtar Hospital 3,700 doses.

Of the total 100,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine Pakistan received, Punjab was given 23,000. The number of registered organ transplant recipients and cancer patients is over 100,000, the sources said.

Earlier this week, the federal government amended its policy about who will be administered the American vaccine.

It was decided that work visa holders and students travelling abroad will not be administered the Pfizer vaccine as only Hajis and people suffering from chronic diseases will be receiving this vaccine.

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