An ode to Pakistan’s heritage through unique home décor

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An ode to Pakistan’s heritage through unique home décor

The word tasteful in Pakistan evidently clings on to Western ideas in not just a system of belief but also in minute and everyday things like the way we make our homes with every corner announcing its disassociation with its locality and culture.

Challenging this exact belief, five furniture designers from Pakistan have joined forces on a mission to uplift their cultural heritage, starting from the furniture that give life to a home.

The five young designers will be displaying their unique styles through home décor with their exhibit titled ‘Block’, at Karachi’s SOL House on May 3 and 4, 2019 from 3pm to 11pm. Before heading out to get a glimpse at their master pieces, here is a quick profile of the maestros themselves:

Sana Khan Niazi –Paimona

Sana Khan Niazi from Paimona, is one of the designers who finds mere tables and chairs that are often given little to no aesthetic attention, as a source of elevating the Pakistani culture and making it speak volumes about our identity on a global level.

What started off as a desire to have the unique traditional craft of her country be represented around the world, her design firm, Paimona has now successfully brought forward the essence of Pakistani culture that had since long been fading away.

Changez Basir – Carpenter Designs

Having graduated with a degree in Industrial Product Design, Basir has focused his area of expertise around bringing to life home and work spaces through distinctively designed furniture that promise quality and a surge of aesthetics.

Basir’s work is recognized and celebrated amongst his circles and has been given immense applause as well getting exhibited at the Artists Commune as well as at groups shows at Fomma and Art Chowk.

Bina Sohail –Sanfarina Design Studio

The brains behind Sanfarina Design Studio, Bina Sohail after studying Product Design in London created the studio in 2018 and within a short span of time, her work is actively getting recognized as fun while maintaining elements of contemporary art through materials like wrought iron, concrete and stainless steel. The intriguing blend of ultramodern and conventional designs are sure to bring a unique look to mundane spaces.

Rakhshaan Qazi –Naqsh

Rakhshaan Qazi is another designer who is making waves with her futuristic, simple and elegant designs, playing with colours and materials that she originates from their purest forms through her studio called Naqsh. 

After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, and getting her Masters degree in History and Critical Thinking from London, Rakhshaan teaches at Pakistan finest art school Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture aside from the magic that she is creating within her studio.

Ahsan Essa –East West Communications

Ahsan Essa, on the other hand, is bringing diversity to the market by bridging the gap between east and west, through modern and contemporary home accessories, in his attempt to recuperate the neglected art of weaving in Pakistan. His hand made carpets, tastefully bring forth the country’s culture with a vibrant play of colours and distinctive designs. Ahsan, the founder of East West Communications presents a wide range of accessories for your home that, as he puts it, “tell the story of who you are.”

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