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Anil Kapoor opens up about his ‘competitive’ personality

Anil Kapoor opens up about his ‘competitive’ personality

Anil Kapoor recently sat down for a candid discussion regarding ‘delusional competitiveness’ and spilled the beans behind his desire to achieve perfection.

Anil touched upon his ‘competitive’ streak during an interview with Times of India. There he was quoted saying, “I am competitive and I think everybody should be competitive, but in a very positive way. I’m competitive but not delusional about myself. You have to be realistic and be competitive. So, I am realistically competitive.”

“Somewhere, 2020 was a year everybody (wanted) to end as soon as possible so that we look at 2021 in a positive and optimistic way. The vaccine is around the corner, so everybody is looking forward to that.”

He concluded by saying, “It has been a tough year for everybody. My heart goes out to all the people who have suffered. I’m proud of all the people who really selflessly worked — the doctors, the frontline workers, and the kind of work they put in.”

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