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Arjun Kapoor claps back against body shamers: ‘You should not try’

Arjun Kapoor claps back against body shamers: ‘You should not try’

Indian actor Arjun Kapoor recently clapped back against the haters spending time, money and effort into making him feel bad with body-shaming tactics.

The actor got candid during his interview with Koimoi and was quoted saying, “You have to realise firstly who is criticising you. I always say this, jo log criticise karte hai woh apko follow karke criticise karte hai, to ut pataang lagta hai (when followers are the one to criticize you, it appears befuddling) to take that seriously.”

“The quest to become an actor was never to be perfect and impress everybody, you cannot please everybody, so you should not try.”

“Criticism coming from healthy space to help you get better your craft or appreciating the film that you did, vo sir aankhon pr kyunki aap paise de rahe ho or aaj ke (is always welcome, especially if you spend money to give your) time me you are watching it, consuming it and you are giving a proper feedback. I respect that.”

He also added, “I will put it into perspective. Sometimes even critics feel the need to criticise a lot more than they need to because that is important to them.”

“You cannot take the excessive nature of criticism also seriously. You have to know your standards, you have to know your self well enough to realise. Okay, I have given my best, I am working hard, I will work harder and improve on these facets.”

“See somebody has an issue with how broad structured I am, I can’t cut my arm off na? And if somebody today does not know what I am dealing with in my life, with the health issue or all that’s is going on in my personal space, where it might have reflected a bit in my life.”

“I might have not looked the way they expect me to look, as long as it is not hindering the way I connect with the on screen, I cannot take it seriously beyond a point.”

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