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Armed dacoits deprive 5 citizens of valuables

Islamabad-Gangs of armed dacoits deprived five citizens of two motorcycles, mobile phones and cash on gunpoint while auto theft gangs also pilfered three motorcycles and three cars from different areas, informed sources on Monday.

Similarly, two women were kidnapped from Islamabad, sources said. Police registered separate cases against the criminals and started investigation, they added.

According to sources, two unknown dacoits intercepted a citizen Taimoor Shehzad at Sui Gas Chowk in I-9 and snatched his motorcycle at gunpoint. Zia ul Haq was stopped by two armed men at Open Air Theatre at Aabpara and took away his mobile phone forcefully, sources mentioned.

Rahsid Minhas told Shamas Colony police that two armed men snatched cash, mobile phones and other documents from him and his friend at Srinagar Highway.

Qamar Javed was deprived of two mobile phones and cash by two armed dacoits on road in G-9/2, the area of PS Karachi Company, they said adding that two criminals have also snatched motorcycle from Muhammad Naseem at Katarian Bridge on gunpoint. The incident took place in limits of PS Industrial Area.

Meanwhile, auto theft gangs have stolen six cars and motorcycles from limits of police stations Sabzi Mandi, Industrial Area, Koral, Aabpara, Margalla, Lohibher and Karachi Company.

Two women were also abducted from jurisdictions of police station Sihala and Nelor, they said.

Police along with district administrations raided scores of Sheesha centres, gyms and snooker clubs in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Police held more than 150 youngsters. Police teams were assisted by Assistant Commissioners Mehar Ghulam Abbas and Zukharaf. ACs have also imposed fine on violators. 

Police arrest 18 drug dealers

Police have launched a massive crackdown against drug mafia in Athal and Dore villages and rounded up some 18 notorious drug dealers besides recovering huge quantity of narcotics from their possession.

Separate cases have also been registered against the drug dealers, disclosed DIG Operations Afzaal Ahmed Kausar at a press briefing held at Police Line Headquarters on Monday. He was also flanked by SSP Operations Dr Syed Mustafa Tanweer on the occasion.

Addressing the press conference, DIG Operations Afzaal Ahmed Kausar along with SSP (Operations) Dr Syed Mustafa Tanweer, said that special police squads have been constituted to ensure effective action against drug pushers in federal capital. 

Following directions of IGP Islamabad Qazi Jamil ur Rehman and vision of the government, he said that efforts have been accelerated to curb activities of drug dealers especially those supplying narcotics at educational institutions. 

He said that successful operations were conducted against drug peddlers in villages of Dore and Athal last night and in wee hours on Monday. Police arrested 18 drug dealers including six notorious persons involved in this ugly business besides recovery of cache of narcotics from them. 

DIG (Operations) Afzaal Ahmed Kausar said that 3730 gram heroin, 1110 gram hashish was recovered during operation at Dore village while 22 kilogram hashish, one kilogram heroin, 70 gram ice, one pistol, a short gun and ammunition was recovered from 12 other persons active in Athal village, he added. 

He said that effective crackdown is underway in other parts of the city and also against those supplying drugs at educational institutions. During the last one month, he said that 55 drug pushers including nine Nigerian nationals have been arrested and 40022 gram heroin, 32783 gram hashish, 16 gram cocaine, 60 gram ice, 270 tranquilizing pills and 338 wine bottles were recovered from them. 

DIG (Operations) said that that Islamabad Police would safeguard its youth from various evils like use of drugs and ensure brighter future of them. He said that effective plan has been devised for action against those supplying drugs at educational institutions and crackdown will continue till complete elimination of such activities.

He said that it is the collective responsibility of every person of the society to remain alert against those involved in criminal activities in their surroundings and inform police for action against them.

He has also appealed the citizens to remain vigilant and inform police in case of any suspicious activity around them.

Responding to a question, he said that indiscriminate action would be made against those involved in such acts as several foreigners including Nigerian nationals have been arrested in the recent past. He said that efforts have been underway under the supervision of SSP (Operations) Dr. Syed Mustafa Tanweer to combat crime effectively and ensure protection to the lives and property of the citizens.

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