Arrangements being finalised for PDM rally in Bannu

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Bannu-Leader of the Opposition in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Akram Khan Durrani has said that arrangements are being finalised for the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) rally in the district. 

Speaking to journalists here on Sunday, Akram Durrani said that the PDM would continue its struggle to oust the present rulers.

He said the PTI government was planning to recognise the state of Israel but the opposition leaders would not let the government carry out any act against Pakistan’s interests and Islamic teachings. 

“PDM rallies have scared the rulers, who are now victimising the opposition leaders but this movement is meant to uphold democratic values and restore true democracy,” he added.  It may be mentioned here that ahead of the PDM meeting in Bannu, banners and portraits of the opposition parties have been displayed at the entry points to the city.

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