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Azekah Daniel captivates audience in drama ‘Dunk’

ISLAMABAD – Dunk’s storyline, written by Mohsin Ali, revolves around internalized misogyny, sexual harassment, murder, injustice and the unveiling of truth; hidden beneath several layers of lies – just the kind of different content we’ve been craving for ever since drama‘Cheekh’ ended.And of course, the drama serial wouldn’t be this good as it has the lovely Azekah Daniel with co-stars Sana Javed, Bilal Abbas and NaumaanIjaaz. After absolutely nailing Hooriya’s bold and empowering character in Malal-e-Yaar, Azekah Daniel has put much of her time perfecting Minal’s character in Dunk as that of an intelligent girl with a mind of her own and opinions about everything and it goes without saying – fans are loving her. 

The thing about Azekah Daniel that makes her everyone’s favorite almost instantly is that she performs with such unmatchable finesse that not only mesmerizes the audience but also with the way she really gets into the character’s shoes just before going on stage and gives a 100pc genuine performance.

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