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Ban on inter-provincial transport imperative to contain spread of COVID: PMA

KARACHI- Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) on Saturday said that the COVID-19 pandemic was spreading rapidly from one province to another which could only be control by banning inter-provincial transport. In a statement, Secretary General, PMA (Centre) Dr S M Qaisar Sajjad said though the markets are closed at 6 pm but this is not enough, inter-provincial transport is still not stopped yet. Under the prevailing circumstances, we suggest to implementing complete lockdown in the country to save the lives of the people, he added.  Different variants of COVID-19 have reached Pakistan from abroad so we suggest to put complete ban on international flights and domestic flights should also be operated with strict SOPs, particularly passengers should be made sit at distance by leaving one seat vacant. While showing concerns over the surge of COVID-19 patients and increase in number of deaths, Dr Sajjad said that we fear that if we do not take the appropriate measures to control the epidemic, we may also face India like situation. Our health delivery system could not bear this situation and we will have to take strict measures, he added. PMA feels that our vaccination process is slow; it should be speed up to vaccinate more people in shorter time.

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