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Bhumi Pednekar touches on shocking ‘heartbreak’ lack of resources

Bhumi Pednekar touches on shocking ‘heartbreak’ lack of resources

Bhumi Pednekar recently got candid about the heartbreaking reality she saw when faced with a lack of resources during the height of covid-19.

The actor got candid during her interview with Mid-Day and was even quoted saying, “We don’t have a choice. Our country is in a state of war. I recently went through a similar experience where I was looking for plasma for my mother. And with all the leads I had, it wasn’t the easiest.”

“We managed after making personal requests to donors, sent over my car. We got lucky honestly. My family fell sick at a time when there was breathing space in the health sector. I started getting requests on social media.”

“I started with sharing requests on social media. 6 days ago I connected with Viraj Ghelani (influencer) and a few more of them who are working pan-India in offering redressal.”

Bhumi even addressed the hard work of volunteers during her interview and added, “The volunteers are working round the clock. I am up till 5 am and start by 9 am everyday but our WhatsApp group never stops working. The number of requests to the resource available is out of proportion. It is heartbreaking and overwhelming when we find resources a few hours later and the person is gone.”

“Verification of data is a big challenge we are facing currently. There are 30 requests for one resource at any given point of time. I want to request people to donate plasma, especially men. Male plasma is more important.”

“Help doesn’t need to be monetary always but contribute in whatever way possible. Spreading the word helps; to finding donors helps. Following COVID appropriate protocols is as important.”

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