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Billie Eilish sings in dark with Rosalia for ‘Lo Vas A Olvidar’

ISLAMABAD-Billie Eilish has had quite the come-up since dropping her debut album in 2019.And the five-time Grammy winner is continuing to transcend barriers as she churns out new music.She sings alone in the dark with Rosalía in the hauntingly beautiful music video for their Spanish-language collab Lo Vas A Olvidar, which she dropped recently.The 19yearold was lit dimly from above, as she sat on her knees in black sand, surrounded by total gloom.Rosalía, 27, is revealed lying in the same sand, under a brighter light, as she launches into the somber song with her angelic vocals.Eilish’s face is then illuminated, framed by her signature neon green hair, before she offers her own ethereal sound.Translated to English, they sing: ‘Tell me if you still miss me / Tell me if you still won’t forgive me / What will you do with all this poison? Nothing good / Tell me if you still miss me.’ Eilish covers up in all black for the video, her hands manicured with long clear nails and clear sculpted flowers.

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