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Buzdar slams Opp for wailing over growth

LAHORE:Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has said that the whole nation knows why the opposition was wailing over sustainable economic development as they were tight-lipped when the economy was slow-paced due to their wrong policies in the past.

In a statement on Sunday, the chief minister said now when that the country had been put on the road of progress and development and the national economy was improving day by day, the opposition members were making hue and cry.

The chief minister said that mistakes of the former regimes had been rectified besides bringing back the economy on track, under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Economic growth would leave a positive impact on the people’s lives, he added. He said that the agenda of the opposition was to stop the development and progress and this was the motive of our enemy as well. Opposition was engaged in fulfilling the preposterous agenda of weakening the country by creating hurdles to national progress and development. He said that the opposition miserably had failed to score points on the government’s economic performance. He further warned that no one would be allowed to derail the process of national development. Usman Buzdar said that during the last two and a half years, every conspiracy hatched by the opposition had met the same fate. He slammed opposition and said that the government was stronger than before. The aspirations of those who want to bring down the government would not succeed.

He said that the opposition had no agenda and they were doing politics on non-issues. The PTI government was fulfilling its promises made to the people, he said and added that conspiratorial elements should first answer their looting and plundering. The present government was the torchbearer of transparency and merit and was engaged in public service under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Usman Buzdar said that the nation had not yet forgotten the previous regimes of looting and plundering. There was anarchy and chaos in the ranks of the opposition, he said. Rejected elements should avoid criticism for the sake of criticism, he maintained.

The chief minister said that the government had taken practical steps for the welfare of the people. He termed Prime Minister Imran Khan a true loyal and sincere leader for Pakistan. The present government had done those works which previous government failed to deliver in years.

specially abled girl: Chief Minister Usman Buzdar became the voice of differently abled Kiran Ishtiaq, a courageous girl student from the suburb village of Rahim Yar Khan. It is worth mentioning that the video of Kiran Ishtiaq went viral on social media.

The chief minister took prompt notice and directed the authorities to provide financial assistance to the girl and employment for her brother. On the direction of Chief Minister Usman Buzdar, the personnel of district administration went to the residence of Kiran Ishtiaq and gave her a cheque for financial assistance and appointment letter of a government job to her brother Khan Muhammad.

The chief minister said that Kiran Ishtiaq was like his own daughter. Taking care of her was his duty and the responsibility of the state as well, he said and added that Kiran did not give up despite the adverse circumstances and continue her education. He said that the whole nation was proud of Kiran Ishtiaq and it was necessary to encourage such exemplary daughters of the nation.

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