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CAA formulates travel SOPs for international, domestic flights

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on Monday formulated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for international passengers, chartered and private aircraft flights to Pakistan.

As per the notification, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has extended standard operating procedures (SOPs) till July 5. The SOPs will be implemented at all airports of the country.

The SOPs have been divided into three categories including A, B and C by the aviation authority, according to the notification issued by CAA’s director air transport.

According to the notification, travel to Pakistan from Category C countries is completely banned.

In line with the directions of the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC), the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority on Wednesday formed a task force to strictly enforce the coronavirus-related standard operating procedure (SOPs) at the airports.

According to a communiqué issued to the airport authorities, the CAA said,” For the safety of everyone involved, all staff of the airlines, government functionaries, GHAs, contractors, concessions are required to strictly observe the SOPs regarding the COVID-19, including wearing of masks, social distancing, avoiding physical contact and use of the hand sanitizers.”

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