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Cardiac patients facing hardship for routine checkup from NCIVD

KARACHI    –  The National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) Karachi administration has facing grave hardship for routine checkup from institution as limited patients are being provided consultation in OPDs since outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Sindh.

Earlier, more than 800 patients used to get treatment; however, after pandemic, the administration limited the number patent up to 250 to 300. This create mess in the hospital as the patients who visit at NCIVID OPD with regular basis has however to go.  

The cardiac patients in the Karachi are facing hardships as they are unable to get their routine checkup done from NICVD since five months. More than 250 OPD token are being given to cardiac patients each day for routine checkup while majority of such patients are unable to get their routine checkup.

Although, emergency services are operational in this major cardiac institute while routine OPDs have been closed since March 2020 to stop the assembly of people to contain the spread of coronavirus.

This is creating a grave in convenience for patients living with heart problems they are unable to get their routine checkup done. The cardiologists are also working under pressure as in the absence of physical examination of patients seeking consultation on phone, a wrong diagnose can land them in trouble.


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