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Cher apologises for ‘over-emotional’ tweets

ISLAMABAD – Cher has apologized for her ‘over-emotional’ tweet, in which she said she could have helped save George Floyd after being mocked as a ‘white savior’. The music icon made the remark in a tweet posted to her 3.9 million followers recently as she watched the televised murder trial of Derek Chauvin – the former Minneapolis police officer accused of killing Floyd last May. ‘Was talking With Mom & She Said ‘I Watched Trial of Policeman Who Killed George Floyd,& Cried’. ‘I Said ‘Mom, I Know This Is Gonna Sound CRAZY, But… I Kept Thinking …. Maybe If I’d Been There, I could’ve helped,’ Cher tweeted. Recently, she apologized for any offense.’These last days have been hard, soul searching, painful ones,’ she said.

 ‘My Wording Was Wrong/Imprecise. When I’m Over-emotional I Should Wait,Walk Away, Then Twt.I Felt Sorrow& Did Wish I Could have Helped George.Sometimes you can feel what you can’t Explain in a twt.Sorry is All I Have.’The Turn Back Time singer, 74, was criticized for her initial tweet, with some accusing her of making a tone-deaf remark that was insulting to those who had taken the stand to say how they had tried to stop Floyd’s death from occurring.

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