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Coronavirus claims 10 lives in KP

PESHAWAR: Amid slow pace of vaccination process and the limited number of covid vaccines, the coronavirus has again started a surge in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and begun claiming more human lives.

On Monday the coronavirus took 10 lives, the highest number of people died in a single day after a long time in the province.There could be many reasons but the it was widely believed as if the pandemic has over and the government, relevant authorities as well as the people themselves had stopped following the standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Even now when health experts had warned of serious consequences if people didn’t follow SOPs in the third wave of the pandemic.There had been no day since outbreak of the second wave of infectious disease when Khyber Pakhtunkhwa not lost people from the coronavirus, but fatalities and positive cases had reduced in the past few months.

Most of the people don’t even bother to visit a health facility for their investigations when they develop symptoms similar to the coronavirus.With 10 fatalities has risen the number of human losses to 2169 in KP, though it is widely believed that the actual death toll is much higher, but since people don’t take their patients to hospitals, therefore those died in the rural areas are not reported.

The government had first launched vaccination of the frontline healthcare providers but the process was extremely slow and the health department is yet to reach each and every health worker and get them vaccinated against the fatal disease.

There are multiple reasons but the government could not arrange vaccines to vaccinate all the health workers and build their trust in the vaccine.And last week the government started vaccination of senior citizens which is yet to be extended to all the districts and rural areas.

According to health experts, the virus spread after education institutions were opened in the country. Some of the parents said they contracted the virus from their children who reportedly brought it from their schools.

Prof Syed Amjad Taqweem, a physician and an expert on COVID19, when reached, The News that basic principles of spread of the coronavirus are: “When 10 people or more meet in a closed space for 10 minutes or more without SOP but even with SOP. is an ideal for COVID spread.”

He said they started suffering from the pandemic in the past few months, particularly after schools, colleges, universities, madrassas , marriage halls, etc were opened.“Best places to spread COVID, the more it spreads, the more it mutate , the more it changes shape, the more resistant it is to existing vaccines and antibodies of those previously infected,” opined Prof Amjad Taqweem.

He said mutated virus can be more or less severe, unluckily the present mutation is more severe (mutated virus can be considered partially new virus).“We gave it (virus) opportunity and it gladly accepted it, smart lockdown is stupid lockdown and I at least by writing, video, and conversation warned of all the present consequences and recommended online education where possible and look for alternatives,” he explained.

According to Prof Amjad Taqweem, opening certain places after two weeks never helped solve the problem.“There has to be a plan in place and priorities decided. What is important and how to proceed with what is important without risking human life as nothing is more important than life is what the decision makers should think. Time for politics and gimmicks is over. It’s time to act,” he said.

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