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Country out of economic crisis

LAHORE:Governor Ch Muhammad Sarwar has said that even if the opposition completes a century of rallies, the government will not go anywhere.

Non-seriousness of the opposition on Corona can be disastrous for the country. The opposition should reconsider their political strategy. People stand united with the government, democracy and parliament. With each passing day, Pakistan is moving forward successfully, the governor said while talking to the media after an event at the Governor House.

He said those who want mid-term elections should be patient till 2023 as Prime Minister Imran Khan is not a leader who can be blackmailed.

Fulfilment of constitutional term is a constitutional and democratic right of the government and Prime Minister Imran Khan. The present government came to power during the most difficult economic conditions but the government economic team through its successful strategy has brought Pakistan out of the economic crisis and today Pakistan’s industry has been completely restored. Due to which employment opportunities will be available in Pakistan, Sarwar said.

The government’s agenda is to strengthen the common man and provide relief to them in every sector. The nation will never forgive opposition parties that have criticised national institutions. General elections will be held in 2023, opponents will fail again. People stand united with government, democracy and parliament. With every passing day, Pakistan is moving forward successfully. There are still serious threats of Corona, so everyone, including opposition parties, must comply with Corona SOPs, the governor said.

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