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Country’s exports to Japan reach $86.4 million: Razak

ISLAMABAD – Adviser to Prime Minister for Commerce and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood on Tuesday said that the country’s exports to Japan reached $86.4 million in the third quarter of current FY 2021-20.

“We are pleased to share that our exports to Japan grew by 47 percent in 3rd quarter of current FY2020-21 to $86.4 million from $58.7 million as compared to FY2020” the adviser said this on his official twitter account here.

Razak Dawood informed that the exports of seafood, petroleum, dry fruits, spices, minerals, woven fabric, knitted garments, sports goods, cutlery and dates increased.

“I want to urge our exporters to move at full speed ahead in exporting their products to Japan and also commend the efforts made by Trade and Investment Counselor Tokyo in this regard.”

It is pertinent to mention that Pakistan’s exports to Japan have jumped by 40 percent in the first quarter (January – March) during the current year as compared with the last quarter of 2020 i.e. (October – December).

According to trade figures released by Ministry of commerce, the increase is more than 47 percent when compared to the same period last year i.e. January – March 2020.

This trend highlights that Pakistan is coming out of the challenges to international trade posed by the current pandemic. Covid related limitations had brought a slight negative impact on trade between Pakistan and Japan towards the end of last year; however, Pakistan’s exports to Japan bounced back in high numbers. This multiplying trend observed in bilateral trade is mainly associated with focused efforts to diversify the export mix of Pakistan for Japan.

exports to Holland increase 6.92% to $830 million 

in 3 quarters

Pakistan’s exports of goods and services to Holland (Netherlands) witnessed a surge of 6.92 percent during the first three quarters of financial year (2020-21) as compared to the corresponding period last year.

The overall exports to Holland were recorded as $830.484 million during July-March (2020-21) against exports of $776.703 million during July- March (2019-20), showing growth of 6.92 percent, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) data revealed.

Meanwhile, on year-to-year basis, exports to Holland during March 2021 also increased by 29.90 percent, from $88.622 million against the exports of $115.123 million.

On month-on-month basis, exports to Holland rose by 18.15 percent during March 2021 in comparison with exports of $97.430 million in February 2021, SBP data said.

Overall Pakistan’s exports to other countries witnessed increase of 2.29 percent in three quarters, from $18.280 billion to $18.699 billion.

On the other hand, the imports from Holland into the country during the period under review were recorded at $374.958 million against $548.231 million last year, showing decline of 31.60 percent in nine months of this year.

Meanwhile, year-to-year basis, imports from Holland during March 2021 also decreased by 12.61 percent from $46.877 million last year to $40.964 million.

On month-on-month basis, the import from Holland dipped by 18.35 percent during March 2021 when compared to the import of $34.608 million in February 2021, SBP data said. The overall imports into the country increased by 9.43 percent, from $34.136 billion to $37.356 billion.

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