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COVID-19 outbreak seems to be out of control

Rawalpindi : As many as 724 new patients have been tested positive for coronavirus illness, COVID-19 from Islamabad Capital Territory and Rawalpindi district in the last 24 hours setting a new record as for the first time during the second wave of COVID-19 outbreak, over 700 patients have been tested positive for the illness from the region in a single day.

The virus also claimed as many as 12 lives from ICT and Rawalpindi in the last 24 hours taking death toll to 682 on Thursday showing the second wave of the outbreak is much deadly and dreadful as compared to the first wave during which the virus did not claim more than nine lives in a day from the region.

Confirmation of 724 patients which is the third highest number of cases confirmed positive in a day since the outbreak hit the region has taken tally to 37,511 on Thursday. Earlier, on June 14, as many as 875 new patients were tested positive for the disease from the twin cities in a day which is, so far, the highest number of patients tested positive in a day from the region while on June 7, 787 patients were tested positive.

Data collected by ‘The News’ on Thursday reveals a much alarming situation regarding spread of coronavirus that claimed as many as 53 lives in just five days, from November 22 to Thursday and well over 4,000 cases in the last seven days.

A total of 4151 new cases have been reported from the twin cities since November 20 while as many as 2166 active cases have been added to the dashboards of the twin cities in just one week taking total number of active cases in ICT and Rawalpindi to 6,921 on Thursday.

According to many health experts, the second wave of the outbreak seems to be getting out of control at least in the twin cities. They believe that it is time for the concerned government authorities to take more serious actions to prevent further spread of the virus. Despite a tremendous increase in number of cases and deaths due to COVID-19, there is no serious following of SOPs by individuals and it may make the situation much damaging in the coming days, said the experts.

According to details, as many as 576 new patients have been tested positive from ICT taking tally to 28,555 while the virus claimed six more lives from the federal capital in the last 24 hours taking death toll to 297. On Thursday, there were 5807 active cases of the disease in ICT.

At present, 113 patients from Rawalpindi district are undergoing treatment at the healthcare facilities while the number of confirmed patients in home isolation is 1,001, said Executive District Officer (Health) Rawalpindi Dr. Sohail Ahmed Chaudhary while talking to ‘The News’. He added another 1760 suspects of the illness have been under home quarantine in the district.

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