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CPEC triggering point for economy: Baloch leader

ISLAMABAD   –   Baluch leader Ahmed Iqbal Baloch, who is chairman of Pakistan’s Visionary Group, has appreciated the closeness brought by CPEC and the Belt & Raod Initiative (BRI) in the region.

“The Chinese President Xi Jinping gave an excellent roadmap not only for China and Pakistan but also for the whole world. His idea establishes a good platform to the world regarding economy, trade, cultural exchanges, etc.,” Baloch praised the great initiative put forward by Xi Jinping while talking CEN yesterday.

He hoped that in the coming days, the China-Pakistan ties will definitely deepen because of more connectivity in various areas.

The 70th anniversary of China-Pakistan diplomatic ties is round the corner.

“When we talk about CPEC, there is a question of how we can bring more and more connectivity and make people become closer with each other. We are working with Chinese companies to show what development is actually going on in Pakistan through CPEC,” he said.

Tourism is another area that has great potential to develop between the two countries.

“Pakistan also has many beautiful places like Punjab and Gwadar, which are worth exploring for Chinese people,” he told CEN.

“There are so many countries in the world. But when we talk about China, we feel proud that China is not only a friend to us, it’s also a brother. China-Pakistan friendship and CPEC make me feel that we’re a family. When I visited China, the common people were happy seeing me and the same feeling is also in Pakistan,” Baloch added.

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