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CTD SHO escapes with detainee during Magistrate’s raid

KARACHI – Station House Officer (SHO) of Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) Civil Lines escaped with an illegally detained citizen during the raid of a Judicial Magistrate.

According to Advocate Jamshed Ali Khowaja on Sunday, Mrs Afshan, wife of an illegally detained citizen namely Muhammad Akbar through her counsel had stated in the court that her husband Muhammad Akbar had been illegally abducted from their house by CTD SHO Raja Tariq on May 18, 2021. She further alleged that some armed plain clothed CTD officials robbed her house and took away mobiles phones, gold jewelery, cash and other valuables. They (alleged officials) warned of killing her husband in an encounter.

Mrs Afshan filed a petition under Section 491 CrPC through her counsel and requested the court for her husband’s release. 

An Assistant District and Session Judge (AD&SJ) South Naseer Noor Khan instructed 1st Judicial Magistrate (JM) Asad Lala to conduct a raid on CTD Civil Lines PS. The JM found a detainee in lockup without any entry or FIR and when the said JM ordered to release the detainee, SHO CTD Raja Tariq escaped along with detainee using back door of the PS. 

A CTD official Waheed told the Magistrate that CTD officials including SHO Raja Tariq, Syed Muhammad Sarfaraz and Tariq Qureshi had left along with five detainees including Muhammad Akbar in their separate police mobiles from back door.

The JM ordered SHO CTD and other kidnappers to appear before XIth AD&SJ South on Monday (today) and closed the raid as per procedure accordingly. The Magistrate on the occasion was accompanied by the team of International Lawyers Forum (ILF) including advocates Jamshed Ali Khowaja, Tehseen Manzoor Rajput, Barrister Habibullah Baloch, Syed Jaffer Abbas Jafri, Syed Zahid Ali, Muhammad Salman Farhad and Mehmood Khan. It merits to be mentioned over here that earlier another illegally detained citizen namely Talat Nazeer was recovered from CTD officials custody during a similar raid conducted by a Magistrate on April 17th, 2021 and the District and Session Judge–West had ordered registration of an FIR against the officials involved in the illegal detention of Talat Nazeer. The said victim was kept in an underground iron cage which was 7 feet long with width and height of 2 feet.



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