Customs seizes goods worth Rs20m, arrests three

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KARACHI – The Pakistan customs seized different items worth Rs20 million and arrested three accused in separate actions during last few days at Jinnah International Airport. According to deputy collector customs Inam Wazir, the customs staff apprehended a passenger traveling to Dubai after recovery of 1kg silver and 110gm gold.  In another action, two passengers coming from Dubai were caught with commercial goods worth over Rs10 million including watches, cell phones, sunglasses and other electronic items.  A seizure of 18 antique coins was also made at an international mail office Karachi. The parcel was booked from North Nazimabad Karachi for Brazil. The seizure was in continuation of a similar seizure of 7 antique coins a month back. Five of those coins were certified to be of Kushan rule (between 2nd & 4th century AD) and 2 of Islamic era by the archeology and museums department.  In a similar case, 10 antique currency bills of Usmania Khilafat era had been intercepted by customs Karachi airport staff booked from Lahore for Turkey and interdicted at international mail office Karachi.  In various other seizures, goods worth Rs5 million including liquor had been seized from passengers’ luggage at Karachi airport.  Cases have been registered and further investigations were underway.


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