Dasu Dam affectees demand projects as per accord

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NAB Balochistan to hold workshop on Corruption in Health Sector

Mansehra    –  People affected by Dasu hydropower project have demanded the Wapda to execute Rs4 billion worth development schemes which it had pledged under the World Bank agreement for the local people’s welfare.

People, led by a local elder Malik Sar Mukhtar, told reporters that the Wapda, through the agreement with the World Bank and people in 2016, had vowed to carry out projects of schools, health facilities, water and sanitation, and roads in the area but failed to honour its commitments.

They said that the period of the first phase, set by the World Bank for the completion of over Rs4 billion development schemes, had expired in 2019.

They said the Wapda, under the agreement, was also bound to upgrade the Civil Hospital, Dasu, but said people were without even basic health facilities there.

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