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Dharejo refutes Centre’s economic growth claims

KARACHI – Provincial Minister for Industries & Commerce and Anti-Corruption & Cooperative Department Jam Ikram Dharejo said on Wednesday that the claims of economic development by the federal government were a bundle of lies and the people were being entangled in the fake statistics. 

If there is real economic growth, then why is unemployment and poverty on the rise in the country and why are the necessities of life beyond the purchasing power of the common man? He said this while talking to various delegations in his office on Wednesday. He said that it seemed that the job of the spokespersons and ministers of the federal government was only to lie and mislead the people. Dharejo added, “Load-shedding of electricity and gas has deprived the people and industrialists of their livelihood. Poor economic policies of the federal government have created a crisis in the industrial sector. Inflation and unemployment are on the rise, which is a sign of a dire situation, and if not addressed in a timely manner, the situation could spiral out of control.”  He said that every effort would be made to provide relief to the people in the annual budget of Sindh province 2021-22.


 and this is also the effort of Sindh govt that industrial zones be set up in the less developed areas of the province to eradicate poverty and unemployment.



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