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DIG claims decrease in crimes

LAHORE:Deputy Inspector General of Police (Operations Wing) Lahore Ashfaq Khan has said that due to the administrative and reform-based strategy and smart e-policing of Lahore Police, the year 2020 remained completely peaceful in context of overall law and order and security situation.

Lahore metropolis continuously improved its rank as safer city on International Crime Index among peaceful cities of the world. Lahore police officers and officials performed diligently facing vulnerable situations in wake of COVID-19 as hundreds of Police officers and officers were affected from this pandemic even some of them got martyrdom serving the citizens.

According to the facts and figures issued by Operation Wing of Lahore Police, a decrease of 14 percent in the incidents of burglary, 07 percent in robbery as well as 18 percent in snatching and stealing of vehicles was seen due to the smart policing and use of effective monitoring tools including CCTV cameras of PSCA.

According to the figures, Lahore Police arrested as many as 52715 criminals involved in different crimes in the year 2020. 2617 members of 1090 dacoit gangs have been arrested and more than 20 crore and 92 lakh of rupees were recovered from them. During the grand action against illegal weapons in the City, police arrested 6578 criminals and 6571 cases were registered against them in different police stations of the city. Police also recovered 46 Kalashnikovs, 330 rifles, 256 guns, 5866 pistols, 05 carbines, 68 daggers and 52 thousands of bullets from these criminals.

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