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Doctors demand issuance of promotion notification

LARKANA   –  Many doctors out of 259 general cadre doctors who were promoted from BPS-18 to 19 on 24th November 2020 have raised their objections against inclusion of few junior and ineligible doctors in the seniority list for managing their undue promotions. The date of birth of last Board held in 2019 finalised the promotion of general cadre doctors cases of BPS-18 to 19 was 1965 and in the instant cases promotions have again been started from 1960 which proved malafide intentions and negligence of health department.

These doctors have also strongly condemned delay in issuance of required promotion notifications which were made through Selection Board-II. They alleged that the meeting of Provincial Selection Board No II was held on 24th November, 2020 under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary (CS), Sindh, in which promotion of several eligible senior officers of various government departments were considered and allowed. 

These departments include Information, Agriculture, Supply and Prices, Health, Home. Services, General Administration & Coordination and others but the notification of promoted doctors of the Health Department is yet to be issued despite passage of over one month which is a glaring violation of basic rights as other departments have issued their proper notifications. 

The affected doctors said that they have now come to know that new names of blue eyed boys have been included in the seniority list after the board meeting who are very influential and they have illegally managed their promotion through unlawful coercive means. They cited one name of Dr Farrukh Imtiaz son of Mumtaz Hussain whose date of birth is 23-3-1983 having domicile of Khairpur and his regular appointment in BPS-18 is 16-9-2016 and his seniority has been shown in the seniority list at serial No: 101. They said that the new seniority list was made public on 5th January 2021 in daring violation of existing rules bypassing the previous list to benefit the influential. They said that 15 years of government service is essential for BPS-19 but those who were appointed in 2003 are now junior and behind him in the seniority list which is an open violation of service rules.

They said wide unrest is visible among the affected senior doctors due to the negligence of health department bosses which needs to be probed thoroughly as rights of senior doctors are being usurped unlawfully which should be stopped forthwith in the interest of good governance and merit. They also urged the health minister to order issuance of notification of promoted general cadre doctors immediately along with their postings as junior doctors are posted to look after healthcare facilities across Sindh.


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