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Drivers demand compensation as new BRT feeder route announced

peshawar   –  While the TransPeshawar has announced to open a new feeder route of Charsadda Road today (Monday), local drivers ditching the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route complained they were yet to be compensated as per the agreement. 

The BRT buses would start plying Charsadda Road from today (May 31). Similarly, a spokesman for BRT said the service would be extended to Warsak Road in the next phase.

The BRT has already launched service on Kohat Road and other feeder routes in the provincial capital in the past. The buses on feeder routes take passengers from various peripheries to the nearest BRT stations, with an aim to give the citizens comfort in their daily commute. 

On other hand, local transports and owners of vehicles on Charsadda Road, Dinbahar Colony, Ring Road, and Khazana area are concerned about the development as they say it would render them jobless. 

Masood Khan, a drive, told this correspondent that after opening of Charsadda feeder route of BRT, their business would be adversely affected and many local drivers might not be able to earn livelihood for their families. 

On other hand, BRT spokesman said the company would compensate the drivers, who stop plying the routes where BRT buses would ply. However, once compensated, the drivers would not be allowed to operate on the routes.

When contacted, KP Minister for Transport Shah Muhammad Wazir said that BRT was a project to facilitate citizens. 

“Many are using BRT and it is often seen crowded by people. This project has improved the standard of commute in the provincial capital,” he said. Discussing the issue, Muttahida Transport Workers Federation president Noor Muhammad said that ADB had made it compulsory for BRT management to give jobs to drivers would be affected by the BRT service but that could not happen.

He said “We may go the high court to get compensation as our drivers have been affected and many have already quit driving profession since the start of BRT service in Peshawar,” he added. 

Meanwhile, BRT spokesman Umair Khan told The Nation that nearly 418 vehicles had been registered with TransPeshawar for compensation and out of them, 148 vehicles had been scrapped and their owners paid off. 

“The remaining registered vehicles are under inspection and as soon as their complete inspection is done, those will be sent for scrapping,” he added.

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