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E-commerce not getting govt attention despite huge potential

LAHORE – Despite huge potential and easy market access particularly in the post COVID-19 arena, e-commerce is not getting due attention in Pakistan. A big country like Pakistan is extracting just one billion dollars annually from the global e-commerce market worth billions of dollars.

Interestingly, one week sales volume of a single company, Amazon.Com is equal to annual exports of Pakistan, i e 24.5 billion dollars. From 50 to 70 per cent of the textile products sold on Amazon.Com are sourced from Pakistan. The question is that why exporters are stuck to business to business model when they can earn more through business to consumer model of e-commerce.

One week sales volume of a single company, Amazon.Com is equal to annual exports of Pakistan

As per the experts, there was huge demand of Pakistani textile products, lamps, sports goods, surgical instruments, cosmetics, sunglasses and mobile phone accessories in the world and business to consumer model of e-commerce was the appropriate option for increasing exports and improving fragile economy. Promoting exchange Apps like PayPal, fast internet facility, inclusion of e-Commerce in syllabus, bringing Amazon.Com to Pakistan and educating/encouraging/facilitating youth to take part in economic development of the country is need of the hour. “It is a big global industry. State patronage can bring a big change. There is need to aware and educate youth to earn and play due role in progress of the country. One businessman in Sialkot and another in Faisalabad is earning more than one million monthly through e-commerce. There is need to encourage/enable more people to come forward”, said Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Enablers, Saqib Azhar, who has recently met President Dr Arif Alvi to discuss promotion of e-commerce in Pakistan.

“Meeting with the President was really encouraging. He (President) looked serious in promoting e-commerce. We will make efforts to bring Amazon.com to Pakistan this year, set up Chambers of e-Commerce and promote higher education”, he said, adding, his institution was offering degrees in e-Commerce. As Amazon.com is not offering services in Pakistan, he said, businessmen could use Enabler Sellers Dashboard to market their products on the largest online shopping website.

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