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Fatima Nasir – Vespa Queen of Pakistan

Lahore – In the crowded and busy roads of Lahore, a simple or any moped might be a great choice for women who use it as their daily commute. But Fatima Nasir, who can be termed as Vespa Queen of Pakistan, needs something that speaks for her, something that has the ability to describe her personality and has a reputation of its own as well. And that is why she rides a 1970’s vespa.  

In an interview with The Nation, Fatima Nasir, who is also a member of Vespa Club Pakistan, said: “With maintenance being a burden for these old veterans, I taught myself how to service, tune and fix those everyday spark plug malfunctions myself. I am also keen to train the women to learn how to maintain their conveyance, which is quite easy if one has passion and love for riding and maintaining a luxurious and reliable ride. In fact, it will also play a key role in empowering women.  

“I have plans to form a ‘Vespa Club’ alongside a ‘Bike Club’ for women in Lahore. The aim is to schedule rides throughout Lahore, so that young riders can safely explore the city and get familiar with the roads and routes since women riding bikes is yet to be normalized in Lahore. While riding a bike, the greatest fear is being harassed or followed by unfamiliar men or the anxiety of your ride breaking down in the middle of the road. Under the banner of my club, the members will be trained in a way that they will confidently conquer the roads while driving,” she asserted. Fatima, who is an adventurous lady, has also mastered other sports including cycling, horse riding, swimming, track and fields, mountaineering and scuba diving. “My curiosity and passion to learn new things drive me to find something new to do every day. From something as simple as painting a random picture or as bold as exploring the city as a pedestrian, I take it on as a new adventure. Cycling, horse riding, swimming, track and field, and whenever I can, mountaineering and scuba diving. I owe my fearlessness to my father and my artistic passion to my mother.”  

The Vespa Queen concluded the interview, saying, “Vespa is a very comfortable and safe ride for women. If they are trained well under proper guidance on how to ride and maintain it, they will be able to ride smoothly and also manage their maintenance conveniently and efficiently. I am very hopeful that one day women can ride and drive or even walk, in this beautiful and staggering city, safely and boldly while going about their day.

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