Gauhar Khan touches on the real reason she turns down OTT offers

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Gauhar Khan touches on the real reason she turns down OTT offers

Gauhar Khan’s acting portfolio has been rather sporadic as of late and just recently she sat down for an interview where she shed light on it all.

The star shed light on it all during her interview with Hindustan Times and was even quoted saying, “And I am clear that I won’t do such scenes for the heck of it. My job as an actor is to deliver and do justice to the character I am portraying.”

“But yes, I do have my lines drawn, especially when it comes to the kind of content I want to associate with. I’ll not be crossing the line just for the need of wanting to be a part of the show.”

During the course of her interview she also explained the reason why she was not very active on the silver screen last year. “All those roles that came to me, I felt they weren’t something which I could deliver to with all my heart. So, I had to say no to them, irrespective of how big the project was.”

“As an artiste, I know I am supposed to deliver to the audience with complete conviction, but then there are certain things like being explicit or too bold on screen, which I am not at all comfortable doing. Hence, I have made my choice accordingly.”

“I believe there are ways to aesthetically show things, and that’s all I can do as an actor.” However, that does not mean she has shunned the web sphere altogether.

“There’s a lot more than just bold stuff that happens on the web and I am keen on exploring that. And I am more than ready to wait until a good role comes my way.”

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