Govt urged to fix constituencies for minority members in GE

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KARACHI   –  Member of National Commission for Minority (NCM) and President Pakistan Hindu Forum, Dr Jaipal Chhabria urged the government to fix some constituencies in general elections for the minority members as it would ensure actual representation of minorities. 

Talking to media, he hoped that it would help streamline the minorities in the election system of the country and also promote brotherhood among society. “Those constituencies should be fixed for minority members where the majority of non-Muslims were living”, he elaborated, saying that it would be only way to resolve the rising issues of minority in the country.

He said that the main reason beyond suggesting this system was only that the selected representatives of minority were neither raising minority issues, nor visiting the victims to extend any kind of support.

Giving the example, he informed, if we take case of Arzoo, no one from Sindh government bothered to visit the effected family. “Neither advisor to chief minister Sindh on human rights Veerji Kohli, nor Sindh minister for minority affairs Harim Ram visited the victim family,” he stated, adding that after hype created by media, the Sindh government agreed to extend some support.


More than 90 percent of issues like forced conversions and vandalisation of religious places had been reported in Sindh province where greater part of non-Muslim – Hindu community were living, he recapped. 

Fixation of some constituencies for electing minority representatives can help the minority communities to resolve the issues, he narrated, quoting the example that such system was also introduced in India to give the real representation to vulnerable communities especially scheduled castes community.

From these constituencies, only minority members of every political party would contest the election and the Muslims – (who are in majority in Pakistan) can vote for them and once they were elected, they would be answerable to their voters. Even, they would work for Muslims and this would promote the brotherhood among minority and majority communities in the respective constituencies.

If such practices were continued for at least three general elections, it would give the positive responses in addressing the issues of minorities, he hoped, saying “I would highly recommend this system to be introduced for next elections in the next meeting of the National Commission for Minorities (NCM)”. In addition, we have drafted the law for commission which has also been forwarded to concerned department for further process.

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