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Govt’s roadmap to ensure genuine uplift: Buzdar

LAHORE:Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar said on Wednesday that roadmap set by the government would ensure genuine progress as the annual development programme, valuing Rs560 billion, would ensure uplift in every district.

In a statement, the chief minister said parliamentarians had been consulted, adding that a 66 percent increase in the development programme in a year showed the strong development priorities of the government. The difficult decisions made for economic stabilisation have started yielding positive results and Punjab was moving forward rapidly, the CM maintained. The development programme will augur well for the province and fruits of development would reach every nook and corner of the province. He regretted that the people yearned for development in the past as progress was shown in papers only. The PTI inherited the devastated economy in 2018 as wrong policies and exhibitory projects had bankrupted the province, he added.

The chief minister said that past rulers set records of corruption and huge money was minted in connivance with the mafias. Instead of changing the lives of people, barons were patronised for personal gains.

In a statement, he asserted that looters would have to be accountable for their misdeeds. Before levelling baseless allegations, the defeated elements should look into their own peep as their accusations were a bundle of lies, he insisted. He said that resources were a trust of the people and would be utilised for the people’s welfare. The opponents of development do not want the country to prosper, he deplored. Regrettably, the past rulers made corruption in the name of projects and people were deprived of their rights. The chief minister said the PTI government had promoted the norms of transparent governance while eliminating corruption at every level. A handful of people were opposing public welfare but the government would set a new record of public service, he added.

Meanwhile, the chief minister condemned hooliganism and attack on women parliamentarians by the opposition members in the parliament.

In a statement issued here on Wednesday, the CM said the opposition had exhibited undemocratic, unethical and non-parliamentary behaviour, adding that ensuring the prestige and honour of the parliament was a collective responsibility. He regretted that opposition members blatantly violated all ethical norms by hurling abuses at women members and committed the worst offence by attacking them. Attacking the women parliamentarians by the opposition was deplorable part of parliamentary history, he said.

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