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Gwyneth Paltrow called out for advising people on how to lose weight during lockdown

Gwyneth Paltrow is being criticised for giving misleading and harmful health tips to people to help them lose weight in lockdown.

Paltrow spoke on how she lost 11 pounds in quarantine while advising other people to do the same, in an interview with Dr. Will Cole on his Dear Media podcast, The Art of Being Well.

“I’ve noticed over the last couple of years my metabolism has slowed down. I know a lot of that is perimenopause. I’m 48 years old and I know that women tend to lose up to 30% of their metabolic speed once we enter this phase of life — so I know some of it is that,” she said.

Recently, Paltrow wrote a blog sharing her ordeal with battling COVID-19 and mentioned the side effects of it, “I think maybe some of it is because I got COVID and my physician in New York said that was affecting a lot of his patients’ metabolisms as well,” she wrote.

The wellness expert shared the diet that helped her drop 11 pounds. She advised fans to have the combination of bone broth diet, Dr. Cole’s Ketotarion diet, and intermittent fasting.

Professional doctors from NHS have condemned Paltrow’s propagation of dangerous ways to lost weight with Dr. Power from NHS releasing a statement saying, “All influencers who use social media have a duty of responsibility and a duty of care around that.”

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