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HED repatriates 21 teachers to educational institutions

PESHAWAR: The Higher Education Department (HED) has ordered the repatriation of 21 teaching staff members, who were serving in various departments in the province and elsewhere in the country to overcome the shortage of teachers in different colleges after Chief Minister Mahmood Khan took notice of the issue a few days ago.

The chief minister had also issued directives to ensure the repatriation of the teaching staff from all the departments except for education. However, the directives were partially implemented as a majority of the college teachers serving in the educational boards and other prized positions were not called back and a few serving in education and technical education departments were repatriated.

Some reports suggested that the teachers serving in different boards as chairmen, secretaries, and controller examination had allegedly paid a handsome amount as bribes to the high-ups in provincial government and some have reportedly launched shared projects with government functionaries. Therefore, their repatriation was not that easy.

According to the notification issued on Monday in this regard, a total of four associate professors, eight assistant professors, and nine lecturers were repatriated.

The associate professors included: Usman Ali, NAVTTC, Islamabad, Ghulam Ali, NAVTTC Islamabad, Mohammad Roz, secretary, Right to Services Commission, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Shamsul Haq, NAVTTC, Islamabad.

The assistant professors included: Asfandyar, deputy director, Provincial Disaster Management Authority KP, Mohammad Shoaib Khan, deputy director, KP Technical and Vocational Training Authority, Gulzar Hussain, deputy director, Elementary and Secondary Education Foundation KP, Arshad Hussain, Directorate of Youth Affairs, Musawir Khan, regional sports officer, Abbottabad, Irum Sultana, deputy director, Industries, Commerce and Technical Department, Nadia Khan, Tourism Department, and Gul Rukh Wazir, assistant chief education, Planning and Development Department.

The lecturers included: Irfanullah Khan, deputy director, Minerals Development Department, Shahid Gul, research officer, Planning and Development Department, Ahmad Ali, National Counter- Terrorism Authority, Islamabad, Mohammad Sajid, monitoring and evaluation officer, Sports, Tourism, Archaeology, Museums and Youth Affairs Department, Shazia Khan, cabinet secretariat Islamabad, Farhat Naz, government of Sindh, service general admin and coordination department, Karachi, Sunil Akhtar, assistant director, Pakistan Baitul Maal, and Annam Naeem, Private Schools Regulatory Authority.

Sources said that after the chief minister took notice of teachers’ shortage, he was informed that many teachers were serving in different departments on deputation, which he directed to be repatriated.

Those at the helm of affairs were thinking that the number of teachers deployed in other departments on deputation was in hundreds. But after the data was actually checked, the number was found to be in a few dozens, who, if all are repatriated, would not settle the issue as the requirement of teaching staff in colleges was much higher.

The notification was overall liked by those privy to the matter as a majority of those repatriated were serving against prized positions, which were not relevant with their basic job and that too in Islamabad and even in Karachi.

But some of the employees, who were purely working in the education sector and were engaged in teaching, training and evaluation of the teaching staff, were also repatriated. Gulzar Hussain of the Elementary and Secondary Education, Annam Naeem of Private Schools Regulatory Authority and Mohammad Shoaib Khan, deputy director, KP Technical and Vocational Training Authority, are the examples. Also, it is a violation of the chief minister’s directives which stated that employees from other departments except for education should be repatriated.

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