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Here’s a glimpse at the PSDP


A total of Rs2.1 trillion have been proposed for the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for the fiscal year  2021-22 by the federal government, with Rs900 billion for federal and Rs1.235 trillion for provincial development programmes.

Here is a breakdown of the proposed PSDP allocations:

Aviation Division – Rs3,558.2 million Board of Investment – Rs80 millionCabinet Division – Rs46,155 millionClimate Change Division – Rs14,327 millionCommerce Division – Rs1,613 millionCommunication Division (other than NHA) – Rs451.32 millionDefence Division – Rs1,977.63 millionDefence Production Division – Rs1,745 millionEstablishment Division – Rs800 millionFederal Education and Professional Training Division – Rs9,700 millionHigher Education Commission (HEC) – Rs42,450 millionFinance Division – Rs123,131 millionHousing and Working Division – Rs24,211.5 million Human Rights Division – Rs279 millionIndustries and Production Division – Rs2,916 millionInformation and Broadcasting Division – Rs1,899 million Information Technology and Telecom Division -Rs9,361.05 Inter-Provincial Coordination Division – Rs3,734.73 million Interior Division – Rs2,1048.71 million Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan Division – Rs69,959.9 million Law and Justice Division – Rs6,027.35 million Maritime Affairs Division – Rs4,461 million Narcotics Control Division – Rs489.39 million National Food Security and Research Division – Rs12,017 million National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination Division – Rs21,722 millionNational Culture and Heritage Division – Rs125.9 million Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission – Rs27,000 million Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority – Rs200 million Petroleum Division – Rs2,349.5 million Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Division – Rs19,245.5 million Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Division – Rs589.9 millionRailway Division – Rs30,025.6 millionReligious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Division – Rs493 million Revenue Division – Rs4,025.06 million Science and Technology Research Division – Rs8,341 million SUPARCO- Rs7,368.86 million Water Resource Division – Rs103,472.69 million National Highway Authority – Rs113,750 million NTDC/PEPCO – Rs69,485 million COVID Responsive and Other Natural Calamities Programme – Rs5000 million Viability Gap Fund (VGF) – Rs61,500 million SDGs supplementary fund – Rs 22,000 million

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