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Here’s how you can easily change font sizes in Telegram

— Twitter/Telegram

Telegram has revealed an option to change font sizes easier for the messaging app’s iOS users via its settings’ sync option.

“You can scale the font size of messages to see your chats – even without your glasses,” the app said in the Twitter post.

“On iOS, users can sync all text to their System setting, or set individual font sizes for chats and menus,” it added.

Last week, Telegram said that the future is “looking bright”, as it hinted at “memes in 4k”.

“Memes in 4k? The future’s looking bright,” it wrote, without providing any further details.

The popular meme which is a nod to Rick-rolling — when a link to some relevant site or information is swapped with a link to English Singer Rick Astley’s 1987 single, “Never Gonna Give You Up” — accompanied the post.

The app further said that it’s a thing to be seen without Twitter compression.

“You should see it without Twitter’s compression. It’s… certainly a thing,” it said.

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