Hiding crimes amounts to support outlaws: RPO

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NAB Balochistan to hold workshop on Corruption in Health Sector

MUZAFFARGARH – DG Khan Regional Police Officer (RPO) Mu­hammad Faisal Rana on Tuesday said that po­lice could minimise crimes by tracing instead of hiding them as it amounted to support of criminals. Addressing a meeting of Police of­ficials, he said that hiding crimes indicated that police were directly or indirectly favour­ing outlaws. The RPO stated that maintaining peace was prime duty of the police force, add­ing that it was dire need of the society. 

Police should keep liaison with all those cit­izens who are law abiding. Earlier on reach­ing Muzaffargarh, a smartly turned out police contingent presented salute to Mr Rana.

He placed a wreath on Yaadgar-i-Shuhada and saluted their heirs in a special way. 

Speaking on the occasion, the RPO said all those officials who laid down their lives for the peace in the country were real heroes not only of police but the whole society.

He informed that a special desk had been set up in his office to resolve the issues of the heirs of martyrs, adding that similar desks would be established in four DPOs offices of the region. They can approach him directly in case of any problem, he stated.


District Police Officer (DPO) would hold open court proceeding for two hours on dai­ly basis, police spokesperson said on Tues­day. Hassan Iqbal would hear people’s prob­lems from 12 pm to 2 pm and issue order on complaints of immediate nature on the spot. 

Earlier, DPO conducted open court on ev­ery Friday, once a week. Police employees used to present their problems before DPO. Hassan Iqbal said he would leave no stone unturned to help out commoners without any hindrance.

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