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ICC welcomes Mongolia, Tajikistan, Switzerland as its new members

LAHORE – The International Cricket Council (ICC) has welcomed its newest Member countries, Mongolia, Tajikistan and Switzerland at the Council’s 78th Annual General Meeting. In the virtual meeting, the Members welcomed Mongolia and Tajikistan as the 22nd and 23rd Members of the Asia region, whereas Switzerland is Europe’s 35th Member, with total of 106 Members of ICC, including 94 Associates, said a press release issued here Sunday. The Mongolian Cricket Association (MCA) which was established in 2007, became the official national administrator of the sport in 2018.  There was a growing junior cricket structure in place, primarily through ongoing cricket coaching programme in 16 schools as the sport was officially accepted in the National Youth Games in 2019. Women’s cricket was a priority for Mongolia with its 39 percent of participation in school cricket. In addition, cricket has been selected as participating sports in Mongolia, the host country for the International Youth Green Games in September 2021. ICC General Manager, Development, William Glenwright said: “We are delighted to be welcoming three new Members into the ICC family, which reflects the growth and potential of the global game.” 

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