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India registers 114,460 coronavirus infections

India recorded its lowest daily coronavirus numbers in two months on Sunday, according to the Health Ministry.

“India reports 1.14 Lakh [114,460] daily new cases in the last 24 hours, lowest in 60 days,” said a statement from the ministry.

It said the total coronavirus mark stands at 28.8 million, while the death toll is 346,759. There were 2,677 new fatalities, official figures showed.

After India recorded an exponential rise in daily infections and deaths last month with daily cases crossing 400,000 and deaths surpassing 4,500, Indian states are now seeing a decline in both numbers.

The capital, New Delhi, which was the worst affected, is now recording less than 1,000 daily cases.

The nation is vaccinating those who are 18 and older and many states are reporting vaccine shortages.

As of early Sunday, more than 230 million doses were administered as per official figures.

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