India’s trial in ICJ demanded for LoC violations

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MNuzaffarabad   –  Chairman Jammu & Kashmir Salvation Moment (JKSM) Altaf Ahmed Bhat has said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir stand like a solid wall against Indian brutality and aggression and would never budge an inch from their principled stance of getting self-determination right guaranteed by the United Nations Security Council.

He also called on the civilized international community and international human rights bodies to take cognizance of India’s cowardly firing on the LoC and demanded that a war crimes case be registered against India in the International Court of Justice. The JKSM president expressed these views while talking to the heirs of the martyrs and the families affected by the Indian firing during his visit to Muzaffarabad and Neelum.

He paid tributes to the people who have lost their lives in Azad Kashmir due to the Indian aggression on November 13 and assured that the families of the martyrs and wounded, and the people who lost their houses in the India’s unprovoked shelling that they are not alone in this time of need.

He lamented the loss of life and properties caused by the Indian firing and shelling and said that the Kashmiri people could not back down until the independence movement reached a logical conclusion at any cost.

The JKSM president asserted that the sacrifices of the people living along the LoC will never go in vain as their sacrifices will lead to independence of their motherland as per their aspirations.


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