Inquiry ordered into brawl between guard and student at BRT station

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Inquiry ordered into brawl between guard and student at BRT station

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Transport Minister Shah Muhammad Wazir has ordered an inquiry into an incident of a brawl between a guard and a student at a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) station, last week.

 The minister has appointed three inquiry officers who have been directed to submit their report within three days into the incident. The minister said misbehave with the passengers using BRT services will not be tolerated at any cost.


On Sunday, a video had emerged of a young man beating up a security guard at a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) station in Peshawar after he was asked to put on a mask.

According to a spokesperson for the BRT, the security guard posted at the entrance to a BRT station had asked the youngster with no mask on to adhere to Covid-19 guidelines by wearing one. He got furious and started beating up the guard.

Footage shows the youth getting into a fistfight with the guard after a heated exchange. Later, an unidentified man can be seen jumping in, pounding the youngster with his fists.

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