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Islamabad restaurant owners ‘saddened’ over video reaction

The owners of the Islamabad restaurant, Cannoli by Cafe Soul, have shared a statement on Instagram in response to the public outrage over a video that went viral on social media.

The video showed the owners mocking the restaurant manager for lacking in English language skills and was slammed by Twitter users. In their statement, the owners said they are “saddened” and “appalled” over the reaction the video gathered. “We are saddened and appalled by the reaction of the people, how they have misconstrued our banter with a team member,” statement added.

The owners characterised their talk in the video as “gup shup” between a team, saying it was never intended to come across as “hurtful”. “If anyone was hurt or offended we apologise, however that was never our intention,” they said. The statement added that the owners are “not required” to prove anything or defend themselves as kind employers.

The owners further said “We are proud Pakistanis who love our language and our culture.”

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