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Ka’aba opened for PM Imran Khan as special gesture

MAKKAH: The Saudi Arabian government Sunday opened the door of Holy Ka’aba for Prime Minister Imran Khan and First Lady Bushra Bibi as a special gesture.

PM Imran Khan was on a three-day visit to the kingdom where he also offered Umrah along with his accompanying delegation.

The doors of the Holy Ka’ba were opened for PM Imran Khan where he offered Nawafil and prayed for peace and prosperity of the country as well as Muslim Ummah.

The prime minister along with his wife performed the obligatory tawaf and Sai.

Earlier, while being in Masjid-e-Nabvi on Saturday, the prime minister was accorded a rare honour to visit the Sacred Prophetic Chamber, also known as Al Hujratu n-nabawīyatu l-sharīfa.

Prime Minister Imran Khan outside the Sacred Prophetic Chamber. Photo Saudi Press Agency

The Sacred Chamber was once the house (Hujra) of Hazrat Aisha (R.A.).

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