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Kangana Ranaut chides all those feeling ‘depressed’ amid pandemic

Kangana Ranaut chides all those feeling ‘depressed’ amid pandemic 

B-Town’s most outspoken and controversial star Kangana Ranaut is making headlines yet again over another contentious statement.

The Queen star lashed out at all those who are getting “depressed” by the pandemic as it rages on, calling them “fools.”

Turning to Twitter, the actor wrote: If tom Sun decides not to shine it does not owe you any explanation,this earth which nurtured and mothered you suddenly became hostile,she does not owe you an explanation.Calm down you fools.”

“Earth does not move on it’s axis for you, sun does not shine for your silly currency. In the Macrocosm even this earth is like an atom, in this vast universe who cares about your life ? Whether we get life or death only legitimate emotion to have is gratitude, sit down idiots,” she added.

In another tweet, Kangana wrote: “If one does not understand much one can at least know everything is mere cause and effect,if we received her grace without questioning we need to receive her wrath as well.”

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