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Kangana Ranaut realizes COVID is a ‘wakeup call’ after terming it a ‘small time flu’

Kangana Ranaut realizes COVID is a ‘wakeup call’ after terming it a ‘small time flu’

Indian actor Kangana Ranaut is taking back her earlier stance on COVID-19 after she called it a ‘small time flu’ that sparked immense outrage.

The Manikarnika actor turned to her Instagram and claimed that the virus was a wakeup call and a reminder for people to live their lives in a more responsible way.

“Covid is just a wake up call. If we don’t start living responsibly, future for our species is bleak,” said Kangana.

“Plant more trees, one person must plant eight trees a year, that is the amount of oxygen each one of us consumes,” she continued.

“(Do) you want children because everyone is having or it’s a conscious choice that you made?” Her final recommendation was to not waste water or food. “Let’s start with this, there is a lot to do anyway,” she added.

Last week, she faced the wrath of the public after calling COVID-19 a ‘small time flu’ as she confirmed her diagnosis.

“I have quarantined myself, I had no idea this virus is having a party in my body, now that I know I will demolish it, people please don’t give anything any power over you, if you are scared it will scare you more, come let’s destroy this Covid -19 it is nothing but a small time flu which got too much press and now psyching few people. Har Har Mahadev,” she wrote in her post.

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